Thank you for choosing McKinney Family Healthcare, the office of Dr. N. Christopher Lawrence, M.D.  We take your health care seriously and look forward to working with you to improve or maintain your good health.  Dr. Lawrence is a board certified family physician.  He has been in practice in McKinney since 1999.

Your family's health is best served in an ongoing, personal relationship with your physician.  You get better, more consistent care when you know and trust a doctor who is familiar with you, your lifestyle and the medical history of your family.  Dr. Lawrence is committed to giving you this kind of attentive, quality care.

To take an active part in your health, you need to understand what's happening.  Dr. Lawrence thoroughly explains each procedure and recommendation to make sure that you know what he's doing and why.  This doctor-patient communication is vital; the more you learn, the more you can take charge of your health.

Dr. Lawrence advocates preventive health screening measures and illness prevention education.  He incorporates these concepts into periodic medical check-ups which he strongly recommends.


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